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What I want you to know about my Jewelry


This is all jewelry I have designed and made. They are not rings that are from some some other catalog that I pretend are mine. I have my hands and eyes on each ring, so I know you are getting the best ring I can make.


All these designs fulfill my 3 objectives:
they are beautiful (which is certainly in the eye of the beholder!)
they are durable, and will last a lifetime
they are comfortable


All my rings are made with my SoftFit, which means they are rounded and softened inside and out. They are so comfortable!


The rings are available in gold of all colors and karats, and platinum. Some combinations are also available. Different widths are available for some of my rings.


When you call or email, you will hear back from me personally.


Custom designs are available. They don’t always cost more.

David Clarkson has been making wedding rings, and other jewelry, in California for over 30 years. He really does love making wedding rings.

Wedding Ring & Jewelry Design

"I Love Making Wedding Rings...
I'd Like To Make Yours."

.......David Clarkson


The Commitment:

Beauty      Durability      Comfort

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